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Below are some images of itmes found while serching bulldozed lots around Nashville... Be sure and click on any image to enlarge.


Rare Nashville Silver SpoonOne day out diggingOne day out digging
US Belt PlateUS Belt PlateUS Belt Plate Back
US Belt Plate CleanedUS Belt Plate cleaned back
Havoverian Bullet MoldHavoverian Bullet Mold
Havoverian Bullet Mold


Nashville Finds
Group of relics found on bulldoized lots
Virginia State Seal Button VSS Back

Virginia State Seal Button and Back

Marbles found on bulldozed lots
Virginia Button in dirt
Virginia State Seal Button in dirt clod
silver dimes & flower button
2 Silver dimes & a flower button

Below are images of a Virgin Camp found due to researching old maps

Goup from Camp
Bullets & other items found in camp
carved Bullets
Carved bullets from camp
Buttons and key
Buttons & eppilet key

Dropped Bullets
Shell Casings
Spencer cartridges & knap sack hook
Fired Bullets
Various fired bullets

Items from 2nd visit to camp
Carbed Lead bullets
Carved lead & buttons
Carved & Dropped Bullets

The images below are some of the finds that were made by Donnie and Julia Vaughn prior to 2003.

Civil War Relics

Group of Civil War Relics


AVC Button

Alabama Volunteer Corps Button


Old Coins

Old Coins Dug in the Civil War

"I" Buttons

Confederate I Buttons 


Script "P" Button

Script "P" Button

Union Staff Buttons

Union Staff Buttons


Presidential Token

John Breckenridge Presidential Token

US Box Plate
Confederate Flag carved in the back of a U S Box Plate... Dug in General Morgan's Camp


Bridle Bosses & Large Cent

U S Bridle Bosses & Large Cent

Civil War Relics

Group Of Civil War Relcis - Breast Plate Dug at Camp Stanley


Minie Balls

Top row left to right:

Rare Confederate Bullets
Top row left to right:
.52 Hall Carbine,
.69 Belgian,
.69 Austrian,
.45 Kerr Rifle

Bottom row left to right:

.73 Round Ball,
.36 Unknown,
.69 Atlanta Arsenal,
.69 Tower Musket

Minie Balls

Top row left to right:

.58 Tennessee Style C.S.,
.395 Sharp's Multi-groove,
.435 Tranter Revolver,
.69 Belgian Musket C.S.

Bottom row left to right:

.69 French Musket C.S.,
.377 Picket for country rifle,
.69 No Ring Prussian,
Extra Long Teat Base Enfield C.S.

These are a part of our bullet collection and We will post more later.


Julia's Relics

Group of Relics Dug by Julia Vaughn

RailRoad Lock-1850 era

Early L & N Railroad Switch Lock found by Julia Vaughn.
This lock was sold to Michael Orange from Kentucky. Michael is a railroad lock collector and was glad to add this one to his collection.

Below are some recent finds we have added to our collection.
Click on each picture for a larger version.


half dime (back)
1834 Half Dime
Half Dime (front)
1834 Half Dime
Sheet Brass Buckle
Sheet Brass Buckle

14k Wedding Band

14K Wedding Band
Morgan Camp Relics

Morgan Camp Relics
Group of Relics

More Relics



More Bullets
Matching Heel Plates & Button

Matching Heel Plates

U S Plates

Two US Plates
Suspender Clip, Reale, Powder Flask Top & Arrow Head

Various Relics
Sash Buckle & Sword Hanger

Sword Hanger & Sash Buckle

Buttons & Small Buckle

Buttons and Small Buckle

Pendant, Shield Buckle, Hook & Spoon

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